Deep Dish Bearing

Bearing Wheels have a receiver on the back for the small white bearing to go into. The small white bearing is attached to the axle.

Deep Dish wheels originally came with a dull silver or “Argent” colored mag. We have them available in both original Dull Chrome and super cool Bright Chrome.

Deep Dish wheels were originally issued on the very early castings made in Hong Kong. Most of the original 16 cars from 1968 had limited runs with Deep Dish wheels, and are highly sought after by collectors. Due to difficulty in manufacturing, the Deep Dish wheels were discontinued very early on. Deep Dish wheels are an instant indicator of “Early Run” cars, and their look is very cool! So cool, that collectors restorers and customizers have outfitted cars with Deep Dish wheels that never came with them originally. The main reason they look so great is that the mag is inset from the face of the tire. More common Redline wheels have the mag flush with the face of the tire.